Moving Heat - How It Works

From the portable and domestic to the large business installations, the principle of air conditioning is the transfer of heat from one place to another.

A cool head…

A complex process with a very straightforward use – just like your refrigerator air conditioning units work in the same way but instead of cooling the small, insulated recesses of your fridge, the air conditioner will cool a whole room, house or business premises.

Simplified, you have a compressor that pumps refrigerant through two heat exchangers (units). One unit is positioned within the room or office, the other outside.

In cooling mode the heat inside the room is absorbed by the refrigerant circulating through the indoor unit and taken via connecting pipework and rejected outside via the outdoor unit.

A warm welcome…

Turn this process on its head and you have a highly energy efficient and cost effective way of heating your home or office. Rather than directly burning fuel to create warmth you are in fact “moving heat” at much greater efficiency.

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