Domestic install at “The Gatehouse” Leeds

Over the space of two days we completed the installation of a Daikin single 3.5kW system, and a two way multi-split.

The photo shows the outdoor unit for the 3.5kW system. This was connected to a wall mounted “Stylish” unit in matt white. These are proving very popular on the domestic market given its compact size and inbuilt Wi-Fi.

As you can see it was positioned alongside an existing Daikin unit, not installed by us I must add. You would struggle to get your hand behind the unit for cleaning, let alone anything else!!

Just shows how the quality of domestic installations have come on! The Multi also connected to “Stylish” units located in the Bedroom and Study.

With multiple indoor units, we always consider the diversity when selecting the outdoor unit, and very rarely do we match the outdoor capacity to the connected indoor capacity

This results in cost savings for the customer plus minimises the physical size of the outdoor unit.

All indoor units were finished in matt white, and were all located in the corner of each room.

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