Scout Hall, Copmanthorpe

In an effort to reduce heating costs and become more environmentally friendly we were asked by Copmanthorpe Scout Group to look at improving their current set up.

The Hall was heated by five 2.0kW electric convection heaters, which apart from the operating costs was not ideal, as amongst the Scout group the Hall was also shared by the local Children’s Nursery.

We recommended the installation of two Daikin low inverter wall mounts each rated at 6.0kW. This exceeded the current heating capacity whilst drawing a fraction of the power.

Ordinarily controlled via a hand held infra-red controller we upgraded the systems to hard wired controllers.

This allowed the operators a greater degree of control given that the Hall was used by multiple groups.

We were able to limit the temperature set point range available to the user along with on/off switching schedules.

During commissioning we demonstrated the operation of the controller to the customer and explained the energy saving settings available.

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